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Moeblac is back with Fatou Camara!
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Moeblac is back with Fatou Camara!

Moeblac has given an old flame another chance. The Banjul Nightlive producer is back with Fatou Camara – not the self-proclaimed Tobacco Road gangster  

After months of speculation, Moe made public his reunion with the banker on Koriteh day. He posted a photo on Facebook of them looking so much in love and happy together.

Friends of the two weren’t the least surprised that they got together again. Moeblac’s famous divorce with former TV presenter, Ida Bidwell, was allegedly fuelled by her closeness to Fatou Camara.

“He was with Fatou before Ida. Despite marrying and living with Ida, Fatou Kine was still important to him. So, no one was surprised that they got back,” our source revealed.

Who is Fatou Camara?

She is a tall, elegant girl and is believed to be around 26 years old. Fatou went to college in the United Kingdom and returned to work with Guaranty Trust Bank. She is unquestionably one of the most adorable young female bankers along Kairaba Avenue.

How is Moeblac able to get all these pretty girls?

The Banjul Nightlive producer once lived in the USA. His accent alone can get him practically all the girls he wants from Kartong to Koina.


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