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More revelations about the Bertil Harding Highway fatal accident
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More revelations about the Bertil Harding Highway fatal accident

He was a popular young man. Hamoudi Bourgi died last Saturday morning in a fatal car accident.

“He was returning home, after clubbing in the Senegambia area,” said one of our sources.

The car that he died in was allegedly travelling at a very high speed when it hit another car before bursting into flames. His girlfriend also lost her life.                                     

The fatal accident happened on the Bertil Harding Highway, one of the busiest highways in the country. It is yet to be confirmed by the authorities if alcohol was involved.

Hamoudi was a Gambian-Lebanese, who was obsessed with cars and speed. He was famous for racing cars on public roads, and sometimes posting the photos on Facebook.

“The beast,” that was the name he gave to one of his cars.

His closest friend, Ebrahim Kassir also died in a car accident shortly after visiting the scene. He was ‘shocked and terrified’, and lost control of the steering wheel on his way home.

“I heard Ebrahim and some relatives tried to rescue Hamoudibut to no avail,” said our source.

Both Hamoudi and Ebrahim were from wealthy families that own successful businesses in the country.

According to the police spokesman, ASP David Kujabi, reckless driving is becoming very common with young Gambians. They always try to show out how far their cars can be pushed on the highways.

Since the accident happened, some Gambians took to Facebook to warn against careless driving.

Former GRTS presenter, Fatou Dibba wrote: “Please do not be distracted in anyway whilst driving. Do not Text and drive, Do not drink and drive, Do not apply make- up whilst driving, Do not eat and drive, Do not argue and drive. Do not drive whilst upset. If you can use headsets to talk on your cellphone, please do so. It is safer. Follow the rules of the road and please wear a seatbelt. Please do not speed.

“If you are focused, most times you will notice, when there may be trouble ahead and may be able to avoid it. I lost my Mother in a car accident. So this is close to my heart.”

May their souls rest in peace!

Remember: Drive safely; the life you save may be your own!


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