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Nfally Fadera anounces resignation from Wularo Kibaro
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Nfally Fadera anounces resignation from Wularo Kibaro

Nfally Fadera has resigned from Star FM’s Wularo Kibaro.

The famous presenter made the announcement on Monday morning on Facebook.

Wularo Kibaro,which has raked in a lot of money for Star FM, was very popular among Mandinka listeners.

Below is Nfally’s resignation post:

I regret to announce my resignation from Star FM radio with immediate effect. My decision is due to professional reasons. After consultation with the people that matter, especially my grandmother, we're convinced that it is to the best of my interest to resign. 

"Serve humanity first, safeguard your relationship with the Lord and people, but never allow to be exploited", she advised. I take heed and refused to be used. 

To my colleagues, thanks for the memories. It has been an eventful two and half years. I'd definitely miss you, especially Momodou Bailo Barry!

To my fans, something big is coming up this year In Shaa Allah. In addition to the online broadcasts which would obviously continue, you WILL hear me on radio again, and very, very soon. 

To Star FM management, I wish you well, and thank you for the experience.

May peace reign!

Nfally, who also works with the University of The Gambia, told What’s On-Gambia that he will soon be back on air. 


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