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Nyang Njie accuses semesters of oppressing home-based Gambians
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Nyang Njie accuses semesters of oppressing home-based Gambians

Controversial blogger and socialite, Nyang Njie has recently taken to Facebook to decry the oppression of home-based Gambians by semesters with the relentless exhibition of their material wealth.

The US-trained economist said: “Semester bashing and the exhibition of material excesses by so-called modern semesters highlights an undertone that is deeply rooted in social deficit cum complex."

He then added: "Unfortunately, materialism has become a way for many to socially impose their existence in society for recognition and acceptance. Equally, the locals do feel oppressed by the excessive exhibition of wealth being flaunted by the semesters."

According to Nyang, who now works at the OIC Secretariat, education is not championed or promoted any longer in The Gambia.

"What one drives and the amount of noise made has become the yardstick of success. Instant gratification has become the Gambian way and the so-called semesters have mastered the craft and they play along the scripted drama called the new Gambia”.

The blogger's post, which garnered less than 40 likes, sparked a reaction from his followers, with US-based former Standard Newspaper editor, Sainey Darboe writing: "I think people who have worked hard in foreign lands to live a certain way are entitled to push the cultural limits within the confines of the law. Yet missing in your piece is your own complicity in the semester syndrome."

He continued: "As evidence of your obsessive compulsion to show proof of prosperity, your Facebook is littered with pictures of you in expensive attires in different parts of the world. That you are less effusive of your own role in this, magnified by social media, is highly hypocritical."


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