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OPINION: The people’s watchdog – celebrating What’s On-Gambia’s mighty impact
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OPINION: The people’s watchdog – celebrating What’s On-Gambia’s mighty impact

As someone who has traversed the globe, visited all corners of the world, and seen the inner workings of 54 diverse nations, I feel compelled to express my profound admiration and awe for the monumental work being carried out by 'What's On Gambia', an online news platform that tirelessly serves the Gambian community. There is an undeniable and awe-inspiring dedication to serving the people and ensuring that they remain informed, empowered, and protected that sets 'What's On Gambia' apart.

With a relentless devotion to supporting local entrepreneurship and bolstering local businesses, this online news platform doesn't just report the news, but serves as the lifeblood of the community. It fuels dreams, empowers ambitions, and strengthens the local economy. Such commitment to nurturing the local heroes and business landscape is a testament to their enduring belief in the power of the people, their potential, and their right to economic self-determination.

They have taken up a mantle most lofty, serving as the conscience and guardian of the Gambian government. They unflinchingly expose corruption, providing an accountability that challenges all civil servants to strive for honesty and integrity. Fear of being revealed in their light holds officials in check, thus preserving the sanctity of public trust.

The platform's unwavering commitment to justice is most commendable. It stands as a bulwark against social inequality, boldly exposing and challenging injustices, whether it be from the judiciary, elites of the Gambian society, or any other sector that seeks to undermine the rights of the more vulnerable members of the community.

Moreover, the charitable undertakings of 'What's On Gambia' are unparalleled. Their fundraising initiatives for those in desperate need, their food and cash distribution programmes that preserve the dignity of the recipients, are heartwarming demonstrations of compassion that set a new standard for media responsibility.

The vigilant watch over election officials and a firm stance against societal criminals showcase their unyielding pursuit of the overall safety and welfare of the average Gambian. They have successfully instilled a sense of caution, a moral check on those who might consider engaging in nefarious acts.

The impact of 'What's On Gambia' is palpable, inspiring a culture of responsibility, accountability, and compassion. It might not be flawless, for no institution is, but its merits far outweigh any minor missteps. This platform is not just a beacon of journalistic excellence; it has emerged as a torchbearer of societal transformation, a true advocate for the Gambian community.

To find an online news platform elsewhere in the world that serves its community with such fierce dedication and unwavering commitment would indeed be a formidable task. And for that, 'What's On Gambia', I salute you. Your work is a rain of hope and a gust of change. Your impact is felt, appreciated, and deeply respected.

Alasan Ceesay
Cambridge University

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