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Please, not for children! The truth about Gambian men
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Please, not for children! The truth about Gambian men

Gambian men are very attractive, but here are ten things you need to know about them. Tell us if you agree….


1.      Gambian men are very sensitive. Sometimes, it’s very easy to hurt them. – their ego can stretch from Banjul to Tabokoto.

2.      Some of them find it extremely difficult to treat their women as equals – they’re stuck in the past.

3.      They can be very jealous and possessive. Are you surprised that they also visit marabouts to ‘spiritually’ get rid of a love rival.

4.      Gambian men love women who can take proper care of them. Sometimes, they can be lazy as a turtle.

5.      They’re more interested in watching Manchester United playing than having sex.

6.      Gambian men completely hate oral sex, except those married to toubabs. ‘Chim lakat’, they would say.

7.      Some of them are now rushing to Senegal to get married to the seductive queens. Like they always say – Senegalese women are mokka pojj.

8.      Successful middle-aged men are well known for cheating in marriages. They spend a lot showering secret lovers with gifts, and renting rooms in isolated areas.

9.      Some Gambian men are so bent on using religion to cover up their crimes and misdemeanors.

10.  They have little or no respect for women who are willing to give it up on the first date. Total BS! – it takes two to tangle.


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