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President Barrow receives praises for retaining CDS Badjie
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President Barrow receives praises for retaining CDS Badjie

President Adama Barrow has been superbly commended on his bold decision to retain the services of Lt. General Ousman Badjie as the country’s Chief of Defence Staff.

Many had expected him to fire the army chief upon his arrival in the country due to Badjie’s flip-flopping and lack of leadership during the country’s 45 days of wilderness in political limbo when Jammeh refused to cede power. ECOWAS military intervention routed him into a hurried exile in Equatorial Guinea.

During his first press conference after returning to what was a historic and ground-breaking welcome for any president in the annals of Gambian history, Barrow assured the public that Badjie, who was appointed in 2011 by his predecessor, will continue to manage The Gambia Armed Forces.

Many believe his decision is a testament to the fact that the president intends to live up to his campaign promise to unite the country.

Taking to Facebook, a former member of the National Guards, Abdoulie Jatta wrote: “Good move by HE President Adama Barrow. This is where reconciliation starts from. What Barrow does next is another thing but, at the moment we need to make sure that service heads keep a cool head.”

One Aminata Ceesay also commented on Facebook: “Oh that so lovely of the president to choose humanity over grudge...It in the hands of our beloved CDS to show us that the will of the people come first.”

Since Jammeh’s fall, CDS Badjie, who was hardly in the spotlight, won the hearts of many Gambians for his humility and super funny personality.

Writing on a Facebook group chat created by his online supporters, Pauline Bakurin described him as a true soldier.

“He's the man of the people and he's a true soldier.”

Badjie joined the army shortly after completing high school. He steadily rose through the ranks to become Chief of Defence Staff. 


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