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President-elect snubs What’s On-Gambia, declines interview
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President-elect snubs What’s On-Gambia, declines interview

It seems What’s On-Gambia’s story about Adama Barrow’s past stint as a security guard in England did not go down well with the president-elect and his inner circle.

The country’s incoming president, who is expected to be sworn-in on the 19th January, 2017, is giving interviews to all the registered media outlets in the country, except What’s On-Gambia.

He doesn’t want to answer any questions from The Gambia’s most followed and interesting online media outlet.

According to reliable sources nestled within the coalition team, it was Barrow’s Press Secretary, Amie Bojang-Sissoho who advised him to decline What’s On-Gambia’s request for an exclusive interview.

A source revealed: “I don’t know of Barrow, but Amie Bojang-Sissoho hates What’s On-Gambia. She insisted that the interview would not happen.”

Responding to the Coalition’s refusal to grant them interview, the online magazine’s managing editor said: “We’re not surprised that Amie is behind it. She’s a bitter woman. Did you ever wonder why she was among the last group of politicians to join the Coalition? She is a certifiable narcissist and very arrogant woman by every stretch of the imagination. By her history, and utterances you will know”.

He added: “Their decision is a huge disappointment and a great disservice to the online community”.

What’s On-Gambia, which has more than 85,000 active followers on Facebook alone, has had a contentious relationship with Barrow’s party, United Democratic Party.

The party militants in the Diaspora once threatened to sue the online magazine over a spoof story about a change of leadership in the party.

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