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QTV’s Sarjo Brito questions Darboe’s heroism
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QTV’s Sarjo Brito questions Darboe’s heroism

In a Facebook post, journalist Sarjo Brito has questioned whether the Secretary General of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Ousainou Darboe qualifies to be called “Gambia’s Nelson Mandela”.

The QTV reporter and talk show host wrote: “The only Mandela I acknowledge is Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Just because you spent 90 minutes in jail doesn’t make you Mandela of The Gambia.”

She continued: “Put some respect on his name (bird man’s voice)”.

Of course, with the internet being a vicious place, people were quick to slam Sarjo for her controversial post, which was later deleted.

One of the country’s youngest politicians, Kemo Bojang wrote: “Sarjo Brito, His Excellency Lawyer Ousainou Numu Kunda Darboe is not Mandela! He is not anyone else. He is Ousainou Darboe of The Gambia, a true patriot and hero who has his own legacy and his name will be in our books forever.....

“You’re a journalist; we expect respect and professionalism from you. This is the least we expect from QTV Gambia staff.”

Bubacarr Sidiqi Jammeh in the USA also commented: “See, that’s what you get when you take dumb little bimbos like this with no sense of direction and put them in front of camera. I think it’s about time folks start making mofos like this pay dearly for being blatantly disrespectful and thinking all is gon be alright. Nying kulubaliya Nyangta stop la leh asap.”

Former newspaper journalist, Alhassan Darboe was quick to jump to Sarjoe’s defense writing: “Darboe is no Mandela and he is no superhero like the sort of cult UDP is trying to build around him. I got respect for the man but he is no Mandela and a hero. So many foot soldiers in the struggle are, on so many levels. It's new Gambia and we need to accept dissenting views. Just my thoughts”.


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