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Rap mbalax star Attack is in trouble!
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Rap mbalax star Attack is in trouble!

Rapper Attack is no longer managed by Pa Malick Mbaye of Mam Diarra Production, according to rumors reaching What's On-Gambia.

The “Bomb” hitmaker, who is widely believed to be the country's most famous rap-mbalax star, wants to pull the plug on his contract with the man who assisted him to reach superstardom.

The pair haven't been on speaking terms for quite some time. A source disclosed: "Attack has cut off all communication with Pa Malick."

Attack, whose real name is Abdoulie Gaye, is now managed by her elder sister who was handling his career before signing his deal with Mam Diarra Production.

The source, who begged for anonymity, further revealed that Attack is currently without a car.

"His car had some issues and it was sent to Dakar for repair. I don't think he can afford the parts to get the vehicle running again," he said.

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