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Senegambia wild pool party sparks anger
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Senegambia wild pool party sparks anger


Videos showing bikini-clad slay queens holding a pool party at a famous Senegambia nightclub have caused outrage after being posted online.

Dozens of youngsters attended the party on Sunday, which was organized by a slay queen (name withheld) who was celebrating her birthday.

But after the videos showing girls in thong bikinis twerking in the pool went viral, it sparked anger among Gambian social media users.

Famous TikToker Badou Gaye said: "I told you here that very soon Gambians would start acting in porn films, but some of you attacked me."

One of his followers commented: "May Allah save our country. Some people think Allah is not watching them."

Another wrote: "We need Yaya Jammeh back. He is the only hero who can take care of The Gambia."

In one of the videos circulating online, a young woman in a thong bikini can be seen splashing about in the pool with some young men slapping her butt, while she was performing provocative twerk dance moves.

A famous event organizer revealed to What's On-Gambia that the party was immediately closed down after the behaviour of some of the girls became inappropriate.

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