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Rapper Say’hu returns home for first hometown gig in years
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Rapper Say’hu returns home for first hometown gig in years

When rapper Say'husays he’ll turn Jaama Hall upside down, he doesn’t mean burrying bodies in it. He simply means putting up a stunning performance and those who are familiar with his music know that in that sense, he can and will indeed turn Jaama Hall upside down.

Based in the United States of America, Say'huis undoutebly one of the most talented Gambian rappers abroad. He’s now getting ready with a much overdue hometown comeback to give Gambians a taste of the fine music he has been giving the US. Save the date: December 23. He will perform at the prestigious Jaama Hall featuring some of the most talented rappers.

"It is going to be a Kinta Kinte Clothing company and Positive Fresh collaboration, along with some of the most talented artists in The Gambia,” the young rapper said. ”We basically want to shine some light on Gambian Hip-hop, and that's why the line-up strictly consist of rap artists."

He added: "It will be my first time performing in my hometown which is something that means a whole lot to me. Gambians from all round the world have been showing a lot of love and support for my music, so it's about time I return the favour by literary turning Jaama Hall upside down."

Say'hudisclosed that his team has been planning the comeback gig for a while, but it just never happened due to different circumstanes.

"A lot of people from Gambia hit me up everyday about the impact I have in their lives, and how much I inspire them. To be honest, I want to experience that first hand and not just from a computer screen. "

When asked what Gambian music enthusiasts should expect on December 23,Say'hureplied: "Dopeness! A lot of dope hiphop in different styles and expressions. I personally like and respect all the artists on the list, and I can't wait to share the same stage with them. There will be a lot of special and unexpected guests of course. With the help of everybody, we can make it a very memorable night for Gambian hiphop and music in general.

Gambia it's finally happening. I am Coming Home, In Sha Allah. I want everyone to come out and celebrate music to the fullest, and grab some +FRESH and Kunta Kinte Gear. Positive Fresh will be live, Believe me! See you soon."


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