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Binta Mbakutu Conteh: My ex-husband is a scammer
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Binta Mbakutu Conteh: My ex-husband is a scammer

US-based Gambian business woman, Binta Mbakutu Conteh, has surely given Gambians something to talk about. She has gone on Facebook to expose her former fraudulent husband.

The two tied the knot in December 2015, but it only took less than three months when the relationship began to crumble.

Binta said she discovered that the man she declared her endless love for, Mustapha Kah, was a scammer, who was highly skilled at deceiving his victims.

"He was taking money from hardworking people promising to supply them cars that he never delivered,” she alleged of her former husband. ”I felt so bad because some might think he was using the money to support me."

She told What's On-Gambia: "When we got married, he moved to my house and I was paying the bills alone. It reached a point where I felt it was too much to bear. I couldn’t continue to live with a selfish scammer."

They ended their marriage recently and Mustapha who was bitter over it, decided to launched a smear campaign against Binta.

He’s said to have opened a fake Facebook profile and posted nude photos of  the businesswoman that he took when they were on the honey stage of their marriage.

"I don’t care about the photos, because we were husband and wife when he took the photos."

Binta, who runs a salon in Atlanta, said she has no plans of returning back in the arms of her scammer ex-husband. 


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