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Sainabou Mbye confirms she’s pregnant again!
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Sainabou Mbye confirms she’s pregnant again!

Famous socialite-cum-businesswoman Sainabou Mbye has set tongues wagging once again with a bombshell TikTok video! Yep, you heard it right – she's pregnant with baby number four!

In the video, Sainabou spills the tea, boasting about her super-fertile status: "I am very fertile. I can give birth today and get pregnant tomorrow."

But she's not spilling all the beans just yet – no due date was revealed! Sainabou definitely knows how to keep her followers on the edge of their seats.

While graciously acknowledging their well-wishes, the businesswoman playfully requested privacy, urging her followers to allow her to savor this special moment. 

"I am fertile. Argue with your ancestors. Argue with your neighbors. If you are not fertile or your family is not fertile, that's not my concern. I am very fertile," she said.

One of Sainabou's followers expressed admiration for her self-assurance, commenting, "She is so mature and I love her mindset. She always believes in herself."

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