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Sainey Bah nominated to serve on TRRC
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Sainey Bah nominated to serve on TRRC

A young man whose father nearly sold his entire herd to send him to school has been nominated to serve on the Truth and Reconciliation, Reparations Commission (TRRC).

Sainey Bah, who was nominated by the National Youth Council (NYC), was born and raised in the dusty farmlands of Badibu before moving to Kombo to further his education. He holds a Masters (LLM) Degree in Human Rights and Governance from the prestigious University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Many young people applauded his nomination to serve on the TRRC, which is expected to commence operation soon.

A source familiar with Sainey said: “Without a question of doubt, the NYC got it right. Sainey will perform his functions without fear or favour."                               

The source described him as well-liked and respected by all.

"He is a dreamer who’s not afraid to pursue his ambitions no matter the magnitude. He’s a paragon of excellence who doesn’t settle for less.”

One of his students at the University of The Gambia, where he lectures Public International Law, is full of praises for him: “Mr Bah is genuine, smart and charming. He is everyone's favourite!”

About Sainey Bah

Despite coming from a very humble background of cattle herders, Sainey challenges the odds to become one of the most promising young people of his generation.

His was a tough struggle to become the first University degree holder in his family.

While his father almost sold his entire herd to send him to University, Sainey had to cut sweats riding a bike for many miles on daily basis for four years to get an LLB degree. 

Bah refused to be a victim of his circumstances the day he was brought to the Kombos in search of better education.


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