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Satayba! Five things that made Brikama a superb town
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Satayba! Five things that made Brikama a superb town

Still wondering which town is the most superb in The Gambia? Ponder no more! Brikama is undoubtedly the best. Here is why:


Brikama is one of the towns in the country that proudly boasts a diverse population. The largest ethnic group is Mandinka, followed by Wolof, Manjago, Jola, Fula, Serer, Serahule, Laoube, Aku, Mauritanians and others. The town has always been a popular place for foreigners from Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone and Nigeria seeking a new life in The Gambia.


It is the closest town to the Banjul International Airport. Also, it is less than 40 km from the capital city.  Brikama is a big town but there are taxis everywhere: you can easily reach any part of the town in less than 20mins and you wouldn’t pay anything more than D10.

Rich history

Brikama is one of the oldest towns in The Gambia. Ask the historians or jali kebbas! It has a history of many, many years that has been proved by words and cultural relics. According to oral history, Brikama was an old royal town, which suffered heavily during the Soninke-marabout wars.


The Gambia College is located in Brikama, the country’s highest institute of learning in the First Republic. The new University of The Gambia campus is also located a few km from the town in Faraba.

Brikama Upper Basic School, famously known as Alpha Khan, continues to produce some of the brightest brains in the country.  Another secondary school in Brikama, Bottrop is also famous in the field of sports.


Hardly you visit Brikama without seeing a tourist with a camera around his neck. Some of the attractions include the craft market, nature reserves, Makasutu Cultural Forest and also, Brikama is home to the country’s finest griots.

Night life

Brikama has a vibrant, lively nightlife and cultural scene. The town boasts excellent music and cultural performances all year round. Some of the international stars that performed in Brikama include Joseph Hill, the late lead singer and songwriter for the roots reggae group, Culture. 


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