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She is a prostitute: Princess Maya exposed!
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She is a prostitute: Princess Maya exposed!

It’s been more than a week now since a young woman threatened to expose some of the country’s biggest womanisers.

She is known online as Princess Mary. During a brief chat with What’s On-Gambia, she claimed some of the men she secretly dated include famous businessmen, musicians and football managers.

And now information reaching us revealed Princess Mary is a prostitute that is frequently seen on the Senegambia Strip.

“I know the girl; she is one of the prostitutes. I think she is from Guinea or Senegal, these girls have no shame,” said one of our sources.

Princess also claimed that the men were sending her naked photos.  Some of our readers were not happy with her and she has been subject to repeated insults.

“She just wants to create scandal around some very important people. She is an idiot and needs help,” said one of them.

Princess has reportedly gone into hiding. During her last conversation with What’s On-Gambia, she begged our editor to drop the story.

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