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ST puffs marijuana during birthday party
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ST puffs marijuana during birthday party

It's probably not the wisest thing to do if you have young fans. But ST was happy after puffing on a hand-rolled marijuana joint during his birthday party.

The multi-award-winning rapper was joined by his friends and shared the video with his Instagram followers.

He wrote: "Special thanks to all of you for celebrating my birthday with me. Y’all made me feel loved and special. My friends set me up with a surprise party. It’s the best feeling ever."

Within minutes the post was flooded with messages from fans including Pa Salieu - Britain's hottest new rapper.

The white paper roll-up marijuana joint was said to be a gift from one of his friends who also brought a marijuana-themed cake for ST.

"The best birthday gift, ganja" commented one of his Instagram followers.

Another follower wrote: "Happy birthday to you king. Yes, man puffs the ganja first."

A recent study confirmed that small doses of marijuana do help relieve stress - but any more than a couple of puffs has the opposite effect.

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