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Stabbing victim left to die because he had no police report
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Stabbing victim left to die because he had no police report

A 14-year-old boy, who was stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors, was allegedly left to die by health workers at the Faji Kunda Major Health Centre on the grounds that there was no police report.

This was revealed by NAWEC's managing director's wife, Ramou Ceesay Fatajo in a lengthy Facebook post that generated a lot of reactions from the Gambian online community.

She wrote: “A 14-year-old was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed on the neck with a pair of scissors. He lost his life.”

She continued: “According to sources, he was denied treatment because the hospital staffs requested for a police report. My question is that that point in time what significance was a police report. Now who murdered the child? The person who stabbed him or the hospital that denied him treatment?”

Many of her followers were furious, saying hospitals and health centres should not deny medical care to accident or crime victims without police report.

“May he rest in eternal peace. That is horrible and the staff needs to be investigated. This is unethical and if they were in the United States they would have been arrested long time ago,” said Mariama Samateh, a health worker in the USA.

Sweden-based political activist, MamaLinguere Sarr added: “This law needs to be scrapped! This is not the first time they deny treatment because they are waiting for a police report! In an emergency, a police report should be secondary.”

“Stabilize a patient first then call the police. The police should come to the hospital to take a report. This is total nonsense,” commented Facebook user, Saina Hydara

However, one Alhagie Foday Janko said: “The problem is our laws, not the health workers. Each profession has it ethical issues and you as part of that profession, should not exceed your limit.”


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