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Swiss semester withdraws lawsuit against ex-side chick
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Swiss semester withdraws lawsuit against ex-side chick

A Switzerland-based multimillionaire semester has requested a dismissal of a lawsuit he filed against his now ex-side chick to recover over D700,000 he allegedly spent on wooing her including romantic weekends at the African Princess Beach Hotel.

Muhammed Darboe, who claimed to be a successful businessman, submitted the voluntary dismissal at the Knaifing Magistrates’ Court through his lawyer on Monday, August 21.

In a chat with What's On-Gambia, he revealed: "My father wasn't happy that I took the matter to court. He told me to withdraw it."

Muhammed wanted his ex-side chick, 24-year-old Adama Bangura to return all the money and gifts he gave her after discovering that the girl was married to another semester.

According to him, they met at a gym in Senegambia in March 2023 when he was in The Gambia to lunch a new business.

"I told her that I was married and she was okay with it. She introduced me to her sister and the rest of her family. I wanted to marry her as a second wife," said Muhammed.

Before returning to Switzerland, he bought her a brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max from SatLinkers Mobiles and Electronics along Kairaba Avenue and gave her D40,000 to start a makeup tutorial on her Instagram page.

Their romance did lead to an engagement and Muhammed introduced her to his father in Tanji, but the pair never made it down the aisle.

"To be honest, I was shocked when I found out that she was married and that was why I decided to pull the plug on the engagement."

When asked how Adama duped him, Muhammed responded: "I spent a lot on this girl during our six-month relationship. I bought her a car, was giving her a weekly allowance of D10,000, rented an apartment for her in Brusubi, gave her designer and luxury gifts, and many other things.

"I took her to court to stop her from scamming other men. You cannot be married while sleeping with other men for money and gifts. I wanted to marry this girl and I even told my wife."

But one of Adama's friends claimed the 24-year-old did not cheat on her husband with Muhammed.

She said: "She was on a break from her husband when she met Muhammed. The marriage was not there, so you can't call it cheating."

Adama is very popular among Gambian men because of her light skin. Some of her former flames include a famous lawyer and an award-winning rapper.

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