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The 25 most influential young Gambians of 2015
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The 25 most influential young Gambians of 2015

2015 has been an eventful year for young Gambians, arguably making the most impact in the socio-economic and political life of the country. Follow below the 22 most influential young people who are making waves in social media and driving the news agenda.

Latir Carr


Latir Carr

Columnist & Youth Leader

He is the most controversial newspaper columnist ever in The Gambia. Latir is also the coordinator of Blaque Magique – a youth organization that promotes literature. Most of their events bring together some of the country’s finest young poets.

Jama Jack

Jama Jack

Blogger & Feminist

She is a famous female blogger. Jama volunteers with different organisations that promote the rights of women and young people.

Janha Dukureh

Jaha Dukureh

Anti-FGM Campaigner

She is the executive director of Safe Hands for Girls – an organization that fights to bring an end to FGM. Jaha recently won an L'Oreal Women of Worth award.

Sait Matty Jow

Sait Matty Jow

Former UTG lecturer

He is a famous youth leader currently studying in Norway. Sait was arrested in November 2014 and charged with conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. He was acquainted and discharged on the 25th April, 2015 after a trial that attracted media attention.


Gibou Balla Gaye


He is the most opinionated rapper ever in the country and doesn’t shy from voicing his thoughts on social media. Gee abruptly quit music earlier this year, but later came back with a controversial single.



He is officially the most paid rapper in The Gambia after bagging D50, 000 to grace the Open Mic stage. ST’s songs, which touch on social issues, are the most listened local songs in the country right now.

Sista Njie

Radio &TV Presenter

She is one of the most famous female radio and TV presenters in country. Sista Njie, married to musician ENC, is the presenter of Wahsahalat on Capital FM and Fila on GRTS.

Matida Daffeh

Gender Activist

She is coordinator of The Girls' Agenda, a community based organization in Brikama that promotes women and girls’ rights. Matida became famous recently after calling for a ban on polygamy, which is deeply rooted in The Gambia.

Fatoumatta Ndure

Newscaster & Youth Activist

She recently bagged a Master’s Degree with a triple Major at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Fatou is one of the golden girls of the nation. She was among the organisers of the first ever African Youth Conference on Climate Change (AfriYOCC) held recently in Zimbabwe.

Killa Ace


He is a famous rapper, who now lives in self-imposed exile in neighboring Senegal after releasing a song critical of the Jammeh government earlier this year. Killa Ace is the first Gambian musician to openly criticize the government.

Amran Gaye

Social Commentator

He is well known on Facebook for his thought provoking posts. Amran is among the founders of Balafong, an online platform that promotes literature.

Nfally Fadera


Last year, he was named among the country’s top ten journalists.  Nfally Fadera is a household name in many Mandinka communities in The Gambia. His news reviews in Mandinka attracts listeners both in the country and abroad.

Saikou Jammeh

Secretary General GPU

He is unquestionably one of the finest young writers in the country. Saikou was recently elected as the secretary general of the Gambia Press Union. He is becoming famous for promoting press freedom in The Gambia.

Ahmed Gitteh

Online Radio Presenter

He is without doubt a famous Mandinka radio presenter online. His program Al-Ngaa Taa is tremendously popular among Gambians in the Diaspora. Gitteh recently resigned from Faturadio and is now working with Gainako Radio.

Omar Jabang

Principal Magistrate

He is the youngest principle magistrate ever in the country. Omar studied law at the University of The Gambia, where he is still highly respected for his academic prowess.

Haddy Faye


She is the biggest event organizer in the country. Haddy is bringing Nigerian superstar, Davido to the country for the first time in January 2016. It is going to be the first major event of the year.

Pata Saidykhan

Blogger & Political Activist

He is one of the most well-known young voices in the struggle against President Jammeh. Pata is a member of various political organisations in the Diaspora. He recently criticized opposition leader, Henry Gomez’s inability to properly articulate himself in English.

Danny Constant

Radio Presenter & Event Host

He is the most sought-after event host in the country. Danny is also a senior presenter with Afriradio.

Saihou Camara

Youth Leader & Social Commentator

He is known on Facebook for his strong views on social issues. Saihou, a former head boy of Methodist Academy, is one of the founding members of Your Change For a Change (YCFaC).

Fatou L Njie

Youth Leader & Feminist

She successfully led The Gambia’s Ebola awareness campaign last year. Fatou is a law student at the University of The Gambia, who is famous for her involvement in youth activism.

Jimmy Hendry Nzally

Youth Leader

He is an enthusiastic youth and community worker with many years’ experience. Jimmy is the founding chairman of Global Hands Gambia, which is a community-based development organization and has its headquarters in the UK.

Mustapha Kah

Youth Leader

He  is a double degree holder in Political Science and Law. Mustapha currently works with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education as legal adviser. A fellow of Mandela Washington Fellowship, he is the president and founder of Debate Gambia.

Samsudeen Phatey

Blogger & Political Activist

His father was a prominent politician in the first republic, Samsudeen is one of the most outspoken political activists in the Diaspora. He is the co-founder of Daisporium News.

Samba Bah

Youth Leader & UTG Lecturer

He is a young Gambian with more than a decade’s experience in students and youth leadership. Samba is the speaker of the National Youth Parliament and works at the University of The Gambia as lecturer.

Abubakarr Darboe

TV Presenter

He is a newscaster and also the anchor of the popular Islamic program, IQRA on GRTS. Abubakarr, who has many years of experience as a field reporter, got newly promoted to the post of administrative manager of the national broadcaster after a bagging a Master’s Degree from Coventry University in UK. 


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