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UK-based businessman accuses Gambians of tarnishing his image
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UK-based businessman accuses Gambians of tarnishing his image

The owner of Manneh Shipping and Logistics has said some Gambians in the United Kingdom are deploying crusading tactics with the intention of dirtying his image.

In a lengthy Facebook post that generated a lot of reactions, Pa Saihou Manneh wrote: “I started my logistics business career in 2011. In this business, I learnt different successes and challenges over the period and being recognized in it well over the period. I have dealt with lots of charities and individuals over the last 8 years in shipping goods for them from the UK to Gambia and Guinea Bissau.”

The popular businessman continued: “In any business, sometimes, you can come through lots of challenges which I am of no exemption of. I ship containers some arrive on time and others got delayed.

“Few customers started going writing lots of bad things about me and my family. Insulting everyone around me and calling them names. I THINK WE GAMBIANS ARE TOO CIVILISED FOR THAT. I and my family accept mistakes can happen in business. Most Gambians can bear me witness how supportive I am to lots of Gambians that come to the UK as a first timer and how I stand to support them. So I will never ever stand to do harm to anyone deliberately.”

Pa said he is a hardworking, honest and focused young man who arrived in England after many years as a successful banker with the Guaranty Trust Bank, where he was a senior manager responsible for installing ATMs across the Greater Banjul Area.

He advised Gambians: “Let's stop judging people we don't know.  Let's stop harassing people's wives.”

His Company, Manneh Shipping and Logistics is based in Birmingham, England. On their Facebook page, they wrote: “You can be assured that our courier services are reliable and trustworthy as we have many years of experience with parcel delivery, international shipping and provide a door to door service.”

However, one of Pa’s customers, Princess Savoy C’say accused him of being “a con man, liar, fraudster and scammer” and warned Gambians in the UK to avoid doing any business with the former banker.



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