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University student hypnotized and robbed in Brusubi!
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University student hypnotized and robbed in Brusubi!

A ‘hypnotist thief’ has been arrested by the Police after a university student claimed she was put in a trance and robbed of her money, mobile phones, and other belongings.

In a lengthy Facebook post, the student revealed she got into a conversation with hypnotist in Brusubi when she was on her way home from school.  He asked her if she knew any marabout called Aja Ajaratou.

While she was talking with him, another man joined the conversation. He asked them to follow him to a quiet place because he wants to give them rings that “will guide them through their life forever.”

The student wrote: “He asked me to tell him what was in my bag but before he did he had already spat on my hand and recited some verses from the Quran and then ran his hand through my face (melni kuma selma). I told him I had two phones, an iPhone 6 and a Samsung and some money. He asked me to take everything out and I DID, he asked me to take the locks of my phones I DID, he asked me to take off my two silver bangles that I normally wear and the silver ring too I DID, he asked me if I had money somewhere else I told him I DID, he asked where? I told him in the bank  and he said I should hand him over everything I had and I DID.”

“He turned to the next guy and gave him a stone and asked him to go to the nearest junction and place the stone under his right leg and recite 3 BISMILLAH AND 3 OTHER VERSES and he will see a silver ring and bring it back to him. The man went and came back with the silver ring. In between whilst the other one was gone, he kept on questioning me where I lived if my parents are here, if I had a boyfriend, if my boyfriend was working, why I am not married and so on and so on! When the man came back, he handed him the ring and he then turned to me and told me we should go to the bank, I got up and on our way he was still holding my hand and asked me never to look back and I swear I never did (it was like I was compelled). We took town trip to the bank and you will not believe, I withdrew every penny I had in my account and handed it over to him without realizing.”

The hypnotist thief and his accomplice later disappeared. On regaining consciousness, the student realized he robbed her of her two mobile phones, two silver bangles, one silver ring and a colossal amount of money.

She reported the matter to the Brusubi police and he was later arrested at a bar where he was busy drinking alcohol.


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