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What’s On-Gambia warned: “Don’t mess with Batch Faye!”
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What’s On-Gambia warned: “Don’t mess with Batch Faye!”

A concerned reader has sent a word to What’s On-Gambia to exercise caution in publishing stories involving Batch Faye, warning against messing with the former convict.

This came after we launched an investigation into an alleged visa scam involving Batch’s rumoured 22-year-old girlfriend, Fatim Hydara.

According to reports reaching us, Fatim connived with her boyfriend and an Indian man called Paki to collect thousands of dalasi from mostly youths with the promise to give them visa to Europe.

“I think you people should be very careful what you write about Batch Faye,” the concerned reader advised.  “Nobody messes with him. If you don’t believe what I am telling you, just ask people like Waka Jagne, Tin Tin and Saul Sowe.”

Batch Faye, who was one of the country’s wealthiest semesters, was convicted in December 2004 for the murder of Njok Malick, who he stabbed with a knife during a night club brawl in the Senegambia Strip.

Batch was condemned to death but was acquitted and discharged after spending nearly 11 years at the Mile Two Prisons. The judges at the Supreme Court in Banjul ruled in favour of his appeal.

Batch Faye has since returned to Denmark to live with his Danish wife, Lykke.

Thanks for the heads up. What’s On-Gambia has decided to no longer investigate the alleged visa scam coordinated by his rumoured girlfriend, Fatim Hydara. Doff rek!


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