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Who is Dulce Monteiro? Banta Keita’s Cape Verdean wife
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Who is Dulce Monteiro? Banta Keita’s Cape Verdean wife

Dulce Monteiro is the wife of Gambia's most wanted drug trafficker Banta Keita, a fugitive behind the country's biggest cocaine bust since independence.

Banta evaded arrest and fled to Senegal in January 2021 after 3 tons of cocaine with a street value of about $88 million were seized at the Banjul Sea Ports. He was charged with nine counts ranging from money laundering to drug trafficking.

His wife, Dulce is a Cape Verdean who holds French citizenship. She was recently in court to claim ownership of some of her husband's assets including a multimillion dalasi mansion in Fajara.

Who's Dulce?

She's a stranger to many Gambians, but the young Cape Verdean beauty is the owner of Beautydk Gambia (La Petite Parisienne) in Senegambia.

"Her husband is still on the run, but Dulce still lives in The Gambia at the Fajara mansion. She is acting as nothing has happened and her husband didn't bring the largest amount of cocaine into the country, " said a source who claims to be close to her.

She added: "She's still enjoying. She is in regular contact with her fugitive husband. I was once at her salon and heard her talking with him on the phone in another room. When she came out, she told her assistant Ndey Fatou that it was Banta."

Her children with Banta live in The Gambia and they áttend a French-English bilingual school.

On her Instagram, Dulce follows many celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, and Kim Kardashian.

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