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Will you date 75-year-old Maire Pehkonen?
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Will you date 75-year-old Maire Pehkonen?

She is 75-years-old, but Maire Pehkonen is very popular among bumbsters in the Senegambia Strip.

The Sweden-based Finnish cougar, who enjoys nights of passion with Gambian boys, is now married to one Lamin Sanneh.

She revealed to the Swedish newspaper,Expressen that she met her current husband in 2014 while waiting for a taxi. They became friends on Facebook and later started an online relationship.

According to her, they tied the knot in 2016 in Banjul.

Expressenrevealed Lamin isn't her first Gambian husband. She was also married to one Yaya, but it was short-lived

One Carina Yvonne in Stockholm said Maire's sex life is disgusting.

She revealed on Facebook that the 75-year-old is now wheelchair-bound and receives 8 hours of home care support.

Another Facebook user, Britt-Inger commented: "Disgusting woman! Get yourself a man of your age. She thinks she's attractive!"

What's On-Gambiawas unable to confirm how many Gambian boys she bedded during her holidays in the country.


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