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Young celebrities that dated the same girls
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Young celebrities that dated the same girls

If you ask most Gambians what they know about their young celebrities they would surely tell you about their philandering and Casanova lifestyle. They date all types of girls ranging from models to semesters to radio presenters and they always manage to keep it firmly under wraps.

However, some of them seem to have no sense of proportion when it comes to fishing for girls and successfully seducing them. It does seem young Gambian celebrities have mastered the complicated art of seduction. In this edition of What’s On-Gambia, we bring you a list of young celebrities who dated the same girls.

Bai Babu and Og Log

Lucy Taylor became famous in the Gambian music scene after it was revealed that she was dating Og Log. It was a brief relationship that kept many tongues wagging.

After breaking up with the Serre Kunda based rapper, she was “fahassed” by the “Fahass” hit maker, Bai Babu. The romance between the pair produced a baby named after the singer’s brother in the USA.

Abu Mbye and Steve Trawally

Anna Manneh is head over heels, 100% in love with Chinese premier league football sensation, Steve Trawally. She was in China last year to spend some sweet, quality time with him.

However, Steve was preceded in dating her by musician, Abu Mbye. Despite the investigative efforts of our reporters on the ground, What’s On-Gambia was unable to confirm what led to their break up, but the relationship ended amicably.

Alieu Darboe and Lamin Jallow

They are professional footballers and both of them dated former radio presenter and artist manager, Suebreeze Colley.

According to rumours whirling around town and reaching What’s On-Gambia, Alieu ended the relationship after receiving tip-off that she was good for short lived sweet romance but definitely not wife material. Suebreeze wasted no time in hooking up with another footballer, Lamin Jallow in Italy.

Mighty Joe and Danny Constant

Aji Maryam is a Sweden-based semester girl. She’s also alleged to have been the inspiration behind Mighty Joe’s song, Baby Bul D Joy. It was a song allegedly dedicated to her.

But the relationship crumbled after Aji met famous radio presenter, Danny Constant. The pair also parted ways just like that. 


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