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Young journalists poised to make a difference
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Young journalists poised to make a difference

Two Gambian journalists who are determined to make a difference are working on a mega project to support humanity.

Modou Lamin Jammeh aka Sultan,  senior investigative reporter at  Daily Observer Newspaper and Sulayman Jawo,  former reporter at Today Newspaper,  jointly funded Sulayman's journey through the backway to Europe for the purpose of discovery.

After series of thorough discussions, the duo agreed for Sulayman Jawo to go while Modou Lamin to stay and share his experience, even though they knew the probable resultant consequences.

Now that Sulayman has successfully made it to the western world, the two are planning to launch a book about his backway experience, produce a documentary and establish a foundation to support backway victims.

Sultan is currently running a column on the Daily Observer called "Youth Matters" to share his colleague’s experience with the world. The column comes every Thursday and so far, they are able to publish five editions.

The young media practitioners are set to work with anyone or any organization in putting an end to irregular migration.


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