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Young women in politics: Meet NRP’s Aminata Correa
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Young women in politics: Meet NRP’s Aminata Correa

In The Gambia, politics is largely the preserve of men. The women, especially the young ones, would hardly pick politics as a career choice. But the trend is now changing.

Aminata Correa is one of the few young women in the country who are actively involved in opposition politics.

She is the publicity secretary for the opposition National Reconciliation Party (NRP).

The mother-of-four joined politics shortly after completing her senior secondary school.

According to her, she was inspired by the need for change “in this country and the opposition represents the voice of the people.”

Aminata spends most of her days at the head office of the NRP on Kairaba Avenue, where party supporters from all over the country regularly converge.

“We are the second biggest party, let no one tell you otherwise,” she told our reporter during an online interview.

According to the 30-year-old, her party is arguably the only party where women actively participate in decision-making.

“Forty percent of NRP's executive are women. Our national chairwoman, national mobilizer, publicity secretary, to name a few, are all women who play an active role in the party.”

Explaining why she joined the NRP, Aminata said: “We need reform in our country. Our people need to know about their rights. Our people need to know the true meaning of democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech etc.

Aminata’s part y is one of the members of the recently formed opposition coalition. She described the coalition as a victory for The Gambia.

Lambasting the opposition GDC for not joining the coalition, she said: “They have betrayed Gambians. It is the wish of our people for us to put our differences aside and unite under one umbrella. It is time for serious politicking, not the musical jamboree I see in town. Our situation is serious and GDC alone will fail woefully in December. They are not a threat to any opposition party.”

Aminata aspires to run for political office in the future.


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