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How Fana Fanas settled in Sinchu Alagie
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How Fana Fanas settled in Sinchu Alagie

Fana Fanas (a fringe Wollof tribe) have been in Sinchu Alagie since 1973. They migrated to the Kombos in search of better livelihood opportunities, like other tribes found in the region.

In a chat with the alkalo of the village, Salieu Ceesay, the first Fana Fanas to have arrived in Sinchu Alagie were from seven compounds in Sanjal Sara Kunda, North Bank Region of The Gambia.

“My father, the late Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay welcomed them here and gave them plots of land. They were mainly farmers, who came to settle for good,” he said.

According to the alkalo, his father was the founder of Sinchu Alagie.

He told What’s On-Gambia: “The village was established in 1968. It was first named Medina Sey Kunda, but later changed to Sinchu Alagie because of my father’s popularity in the area. He came purposely to promote Islam.

“The strong presence of Islam in the village also contributed to attracting the Fana Fanas from the rural areas. They wanted their kids to memorise the Holy Quran.”

When asked about the estimated number of Fana Fanas living in Sincu Alagie, Mr. Ceesay said: “I don’t know and I am not interested to know. I see everyone in my village as Sinchu Alagian. We have people from different ethnic groups and we live happily together. Even Christians are now settling here and we treat them as our brothers and sisters.”

He said through the years, the Fanas Fanas have made significant contributions to the cultural and social lives of Sinchu Alagie. Today, some of them are actively involved in the administration of the village. 


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