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Zainab Fatty causes stir with revealing outfit
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Zainab Fatty causes stir with revealing outfit

If there’s one skill that Zainab Fatty mastered, it's knowing exactly how to constantly keep herself in the public eye. The famous socialite recently caused a stir on social media after a photo of her wearing a revealing outfit was shared on Facebook.

The photo, which garnered over 200 likes, was posted by the Gambia News platform. They captioned it: "Zainab Fatty -Gambian made!"

One of their followers, Isatou Jallow, a former student of the University of The Gambia, commented: "It's very indecent, blie. She should not expose herself like this. We girls, we have to respect our body because of our privacy. May God help and guide us in the right way."

But one Joseph Jatta wrote: "Do not judge her, but judge yourself, You are not given the mandate to be a judge by Allah."

Zainab is unquestionably one of the most beautiful Gambian women created by God. She has over 13,000 followers on Instagram, where she wrote: "No man can ignore a successful woman, they don't give it attention, they give it respect."

Some of her keen followers include rapper Hussain Dada and Yus Dibba of US-based Boss Luxury Cars.

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