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Zainab Musa Darboe reacts to husband-snatching allegation
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Zainab Musa Darboe reacts to husband-snatching allegation

US-based drianke and philanthropist Zainab Musa Darboe has finally reacted to those who have accused her of snatching her best friend's husband.

Zainab recently tied the knot with customs officer Demba Jammeh and they were in Turkey for their honeymoon.

In a marathon Facebook post, the drianke wrote: "It is obvious that when Allah joins two people together, some will be happy for them and others may not be, which could lead to speculations and sometimes a lot of it. For the records, I am not related to my husband or any of his ex-wives, and I was never their njekeh. In fact, Demba wanted my hand in marriage six years ago when I lost my husband but it wasn't ordained by Allah back them."

She continued: "Thank you Demba, also known as my DLJ, for coming into my life. I appreciate you and your entire family. A big thank you to my family once again for the support."

Zainab's husband is the Customs manager at the Tallinding branch of the Gambia Revenue Authority. One of his staff members disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "Demba told us that he was going to Turkey for medical treatment. We were shocked when we saw photos of his wedding on social media."

The Customs boss was in a polygamous marriage with two wives. But Zainab is now his only wife and he might move to the USA to start a new life with the light-skinned drianke.

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