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10,000 t-shirts for Operation Remove Barrow 2019
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10,000 t-shirts for Operation Remove Barrow 2019

The chairman of Operation Remove Barrow 2019, Yoro Jallow has disclosed they are printing 10,000 t-shirts to distribute across the country.

“Barrow should step down in December as he promised during his presidential campaign or else Gambians would rise up and kick him out of the State House,” said Yoro during an interview with What’s On-Gambia.

The Turkey-based Gambian continued: “Right now, we have printed over 5,000 t-shirts and our target is 10,000 t-shirts to be distributed all over the country, inshalla.”

When asked where they got the money for the t-shirts, Yoro replied: “The support we are receiving is overwhelming. Everybody wants Barrow to step down. Our sponsors are Gambians, who love The Gambia and wants to see a better country with a better leader.”

According to him, the Gambian leader is not capable of achieving his campaign promises.

“He is not delivering, unlike the new presidents of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana. Despotism and corruption are still rampant in The Gambia.”

Yoro disclosed: “We are collecting petition signatures to show to the world that Gambians want President Barrow to respect the coalition’s MOU.”

Who are the executive members of Operation Remove Barrow 2019?

“Our executive members, especially those who have been receiving threatening messages from members of the Barrow Youth Movement, want to maintain a low key for fear of being victimized by the government.

“Our vice president, Isatou Jallow lives in the USA. Our logistic officer also lives in the USA. But the majority of the executive members are in The Gambia. We have more than 600 people in our WhatsApp groups.”

Operation Remove Barrow 2019 is expected to be launched before the distribution of the t-shirts.


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