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A look at Babili Mansa’s obsession with light-skinned women
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A look at Babili Mansa’s obsession with light-skinned women

From Gambian-Mauritanians to Gambian-Lebanese, and Moroccans, Babili Mansa has had a long time obsession with light-skinned women.

What’s the former president’s secret about light-skinned ladies? This is a question lingering on the lips of many.

Read on as we bring you some of the women who crossed paths with the ex-Head of State during his 22-year-old rule that ended on the 18th  December 2017.

Tuti Faal

Born and reared in Kembujeh village, Kombo Central, Tuti was Jammeh’s first wife. Their marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce after the Gambian-Mauritanian beauty allegedly discovered Jammeh’s extra marital affairs.

Zaineb Zuma Jammeh

She is still married to the former president. Jammeh met the Moroccan-born during one of his visits in the North African country. They have two beautiful children together – Mariama and Muhammed.

Nathalie Gomez

Rumour mill circulating around town alleged that Nathalie was Babili Mansa’s side chick during her stint as a protocol officer in State House.  Their affair is alleged to have been going on and off for many years.

Hellen Maroun

Despite our Banjul-based Kissy Kissy Mansa’s investigative skills, the veracity of this story seems to elude What’s On-Gambia as we are at the time of writing this story unable to confirm as to whether Hellen ever had an affair with the ex-President.

However, the pair were very close shortly after the Lebanese-Gambian beauty ended her short-lived marriage with the defunct wrestling Champion, Bala Gaye.  Hellen was once employed as manager at Jammeh’s company, Kanilai Group International (KGI).

Angela Okorie

A famous Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo disclosed that Angela Okorie was also Jammeh’s side chick. Kemi labelled actress as a “high class prostitute”.

More about Babili Mansa’s rumoured side chicks coming soon! 


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