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Bai leen xaleyi! A list of top sugar daddies on Kairaba Avenue
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Bai leen xaleyi! A list of top sugar daddies on Kairaba Avenue

Kairaba Avenue is the busiest commercial street in The Gambia. Named after former president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, it is the place where everyone meets.

But now, it is also becoming a famous spot for some of the country’s top sugar daddies. They are successful businessmen and senior government officials with their offices along the avenue.

Most of them, married with children, are understood to be regularly soliciting sex by targeting young girls who walk into their offices looking for employment.

The sugar daddies on our list include the owner and CEO of one of the country’s biggest real estate companies. Most of his employees are young beautiful women that he had flings with before offering them job.

It would surprise many that Hatib Janneh is NOT on the list. Yes, he is not on the list! The famous businessman has seemingly taken a break from his wild antics after tying the knot with a Senegalese woman.

One of Hatib’s most famous former birds is model Fatou Touray. According to a source, he was subsidizing her lifestyle in exchange for companionship.

Another famous name that didn’t make the list is Yusupha Saidy. He is currently under NIA custody for his alleged involvement in a scam. The multi-millionaire was regularly on Kairaba Avenue looking for girls he can lure into bed.

“His types of girls are those who are not interested in employment and looking instead for easy financial sources,” said a source.

A gender activist that spoke to What’s On-Gambia labelled the Kairaba Avenue sugar daddies as sexual predators.

“It's time to keep them off our streets, and away from our young girls!! The Gambia will be a safer place if we all work together,” said the activist.

One of the famous Kairaba Avenue sugar daddies, Willie Bright was arrested last year for kidnapping and raping five underage girls. According to court papers, he had sex with the teenagers without their consent.

The full list of the sugar daddies preying on young girls coming soon! 


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