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Another husband snatching scandal hits the country
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Another husband snatching scandal hits the country

Another husband snatching scandal involving a famous socialite has hit the country, according to information reaching What's On-Gambia.

In a Facebook post, social media influencer Mama Linguere Sarr advised her fellow women to stop fighting over men.

She wrote: "If you are going to cheat with a married man, have respect for the other woman by never disrespecting her. Know that karma exists and you will be treated the same way you treated his wife."

Mama added: "Ladies, let’s start holding the man responsible! Not the other woman and let’s avoid public fights. These things have receipts and many are saving them to use against you."

In another post, the Sweden-based social media influencer wrote: "Dear ladies, please be each other's keeper. Dear Men, please treat women with compassion and respect."

Famous journalist Fatou Camara commented: "I am not supporting cheating and will never support it, but the reality is that it is not going away. Let’s figure out how to deal with it and keep our partners home.

"When I couldn’t deal with mine, I left and Alhamdulilah I’m doing fine. You cannot be with your man fighting women all over the place, that’s madness, insecurity, and idleness."

The man at the center of the scandal is a millionaire Niuminka based in England. His wife is a Sierra Leonean-Gambian. They got married less than one year ago.

All the juicy details coming soon!

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