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Ashobi out for Jammeh’s birthday!
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Ashobi out for Jammeh’s birthday!

The APRC has commenced sale of ashobis, as the former ruling party and its supporters gear up to mark former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh’s birthday.

Exiled leader Jammeh will turn 52 on 25th May, and his supporters will for the first time, mark the customary birthday celebration of the former president, in his absence.

Although the source of money the party is set to spend in celebrating the day is being questioned, with three family members of the former ruler rounded up last week by police and charged with theft and conspiracy.

Unconfirmed rumors say the arrests have to do with Jammeh’s assets, while others alleged it has to do something with the selling of cattle’s belonging to Jammeh.

The former exiled ruler instructed his family to sell his cattle and use proceeds to mark his birthday, unconfirmed sources added.

But police said the selling of the cattle by Jammeh’s cousins interfered with their ongoing investigations into Jammeh’s assets.



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