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Astarfurla: Princess Shyngle confesses she is a serial cheater
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Astarfurla: Princess Shyngle confesses she is a serial cheater

First, she said her incredibly attractive curvy waist ironically scares away men. But there was more to Princess Shyngle’s story than she’d originally revealed. She has now confessed being a serial cheater, taking curves on wrong junctions in her desperate search for her dream man: a tall, light-skin guy.


“I have actually cheated on some of my ex’s. Honestly, I had,” the Ghana-based Nollywood actress confessed. This was in a YouTube video – the premier of her online talk show Hot Talk.

She told her followers that one of her most recent boyfriends is a short dark-skin dude that she dated out of desperation.

“For four months I had been single, I didn’t see any light-skin tall guy asking me out. Only the short dark ones were asking me out. I didn’t want to be lonely….and said you know what, let me settle for them. May be it might work out. So I decided to give them a chance, thinking, well, it might work out. Don’t get me wrong, this guy I started dating, he was amazing; the sweetest guy ever. He did everything to make me happy, but I was not attracted to him and a year after my relationship with him, then a fine, tall, light-skin guy started asking me out and I said Yes and I actually cheated on my boyfriend with him.”

Princess went further to explain: “I love tall guys, light-skin tall guys. I don’t mind if you are dark. But my preference is light-skin tall guys.  Every human being has their taste.”

Have you considered filing an application for the announced vacancy in Princess Shyngle’s heart? 

Bon chance if you’re tall and light-skin. Even then, with good chance of her meeting a guy more light-skin and taller, you might as well want to think twice, lest you take consolation in Yousou N’dour’s ‘suofi emon sah muneh’ song.

Here are some of the people who might know better:

GRTS presenter and video editor, Lamin Junior Saine, had briefly dated Princess before she hit the limelight. He’s not-so tall and not-so light-skin, an apparently a mismatch.

Princess also dated former GAMBEGA boss, sugar daddy Seth Adu Baah. This was to pay her bills. He funded her to carve out a career in entertainment. 


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