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How Jatou Mbowe turned her life around
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How Jatou Mbowe turned her life around

Since a naked video of her surfaced online, Jatou Mbowe has had her fair share of downs. But if there is one thing she can do better, it is how to come back smiling.

She did it, and reveals her trials in an exclusive interview with The Project.  “It hurts seeing all those articles about me and none of them created a positive perspective. Having the whole country brand me as " the bad person", having newspapers or magazines drop my interviews because I have a lot of controversies to my name, people thinking little of me because of things they heard and seen online.”

Jatou was exposed in a scandal in 2013 when her former BFF, Aja leaked a naked video of her in an act of revenge for allegedly having a fling with her boyfriend.

The former club DJ descried it as one of the most difficult moments in her life. She was left unemployed because no one wanted to associate with her.

“I believe in positivity. You can't go wrong with that! Living in a generation where most people wait for you to fall instead of lifting you up when you fall, I realised that positivity is the only thing we lack.”

And it seems Jatou’s recent starring role in the Nollywood movie, Mysterious Wedding Planner helped her pick up the pieces of her slandered life and moved on from the scandal that has haunted her for almost three years.

“Nollywood is one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing movie industries in the world,” she said. “This to me is an opportunity to be recognised by the diverse audience of Nollywood lovers as well as investors and I am prepared to explore the opportunities that this exposure brings.”

According to the mother of one, she is currently working on a project called SYNC13.

“It’s The Gambia’s first content streaming site. Yes, it is mine,” she said boastfully.


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