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Gina Manneh’s obsessed stalker exposed
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Gina Manneh’s obsessed stalker exposed

His name is Baboucarr Jammeh. If he’s not one, the man has the heart of a social climber.

With his marriage with benevolent businesswoman Faith Cole put in the coffin, Baboucarr has been stalking Dubai-based model, Gina Manneh.

While spreading rumors that he was dating Gina, he was in fact bombarding the model with messages on Facebook asking her to marry him.

Gina's ordeal with her ’stalkerazzi’ began in 2014 when they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. They started chatting online, but she later realized that Babucarr wanted more than just a friend.

"She cut all contacts with him after hearing that Babucarr was spreading rumors that they were dating. It really pained her because she is in a serious relationship," said a source.

The situation got so bad that Gina's family is considering taking legal actions against Babucarr, who might be looking for just another prey to give him the life he doesn’t deserve. 


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