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CDS Ousman Badjie’s jujus display marabout power
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CDS Ousman Badjie’s jujus display marabout power

“Why is he having all those jujus around his neck,” this was the question on the lips of many when the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) appeared on TV last week.

He was among the speakers at a swearing-in ceremony for 49 military officers who were promoted to various ranks by President Jammeh.

Lt. Gen. Badgie’s jujus around his neck were so dramatically displayed for all to see. He is without doubt the first CDS in the history of The Gambia to openly show his superstition and beliefs in voodoo.

This came shortly after he pledged his support for president-elect, Adama Barrow. He said during a TV appearance: “We are here for you and your government and the people of The Gambia in general and let me inform you that all security forces in the country are behind you and your government for the betterment of this country and nothing else.”

An independent observer who requested anonymity blasts the army chief’s actions as shameful and cowardice. According to him, it exposes the military’s command chain as weak in addition to being an institution where you cannot rely on merit but supernatural powers.

Are the jujus real or fake?

They could be real. According to a source, the CDS is at war spiritually and mentally with President Jammeh after videos emerged online showing him in the streets celebrating with Barrow’s coalition supporters.

His brother, Ensa Badjie (Jesus), former Inspector General of Police, was also caught on camera expressing his jubilation over the defeat of his former boss.


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