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Co-wives at war: I don’t have AIDS, here is my result!
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Co-wives at war: I don’t have AIDS, here is my result!

The thought of contracting HIV from her Sweden-based husband kept her sleepless, but Ndey Aram Secka claims to have now heaved a sigh of relief.

“I met a doctor at MRC-Gambia and he advised me to take the HIV test which I did,” she explained. “My first test was negative. Then, they asked me to repeat the test. After 3 months, I went back and it was still negative.”

It all began when she received a telephone call from her Swedish-based co-wife that their husband was HIV positive.

She shivered and fidgeted, wondering perhaps why in the world a man who claims to love and care would transfer the deadly virus to her.

“I could neither eat nor sleep for days until when I visited MRC,” Ndey Aram said.

But now that she knows her status, she is wondering what motive has her co-wife.

“Fatima wasn’t happy when she got the news that her husband has taken a new wife in The Gambia,” she said, referring to her co-wife. “This lady had done everything to remove me from this marriage but God didn't allow her. She is now using her mouth to destroy me.”

When asked if their husband is living with the virus, Ndey Aram responded: “My husband is not yet sure. He did his first test and he was negative, now he's waiting for the second test.”

However, her co-wife has denied this insisting that their husband is living with a full blown AIDS. According to her, he infected her and this she came to know when she met a gynecologist in a hospital in the Swedish city of Örebro. 


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