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Comedian Baba Ja causes stir with ‘oral sex joke’ about interracial marriages
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Comedian Baba Ja causes stir with ‘oral sex joke’ about interracial marriages

Baba Ja’s followers have been left with a bad taste in their mouths after the comedian made a risky joke seemingly poking fun at interracial marriages.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Baba Ja said a fan wrote to him asking if it’s appropriate to “eat your wife’s pu**y.”

“As long as she is your wife and wants you to eat her pu**y, what is wrong with that? Tell your wife to go to the bathroom and take shower, clean the pu**y and from there you should eat the pu**y,” said the US-based comedian.

He added: “..eat that pu**y until your stomach is full, when the stomach is full and then wipe your mouth and go and sit down. If she signs the immigration papers, at the end of the day you have all your papers, tell that b**ch you know what: I don’t eat pussy. I am not a pussy eater. By the time you got all your papers, who the f**k cares.”

Some of Baba Ja’s fans were not happy with his choice of words, and according to them he was encouraging infidelity. 

Katie Jasseh in England said: “….to call your wife bi**h after she has most probably spent thousands trying to bring you here, supported you and your family in Africa and had to live with your ways of life isn't a very nice thing to do at all. I normally agree with your videos, but this one I don't. The men who come to you for advice are ridiculous how you can talk your bedroom problems with someone who will put it on the Internet.”

Amie Mboob added: “Am sorry but I think this video is very rude, there are kids on Facebook and your account is not private. I think this video is too much. I used to love watching your videos because of the funny things and the lovely jokes, but now you're getting too much, you don't say this kind of things in the open.”

Meanwhile Timaah Pretty Seccabai disagreed: “Menn people always in their feelings. He is a comedian and it’s all jokes, so chill out. If you're married I don’t think going downtown should be a big deal. If you don’t like the things he be saying in his videos kindly unfriend him and move on with your life (it will take you less than a min) Wasalam.”

Baba Ja, who works with a private security firm in the US, is quickly becoming one of the most famous Gambian comedians online. 


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