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Balal nala: President Jammeh appoints Pa Nderry Mbye as APRC secretary general
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Balal nala: President Jammeh appoints Pa Nderry Mbye as APRC secretary general

In an announcement that left many surprised, His Excellency President Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammeh Babili Mansa has yesterday appointed his long-time enemy, Pa Nderry Mbye as secretary general of the APRC party.

The hiring of the famous US-based journalist is the most astonishing political reconciliation since The Gambia gained independence in 1965.

Some APRC bigwigs were at first not sure whether their party leader was joking in inviting Pa Nderry to come and join him in nation building. But the president said he appointed the former VOA reporter because “he has an amazing energy and drive.”

For his part, Pa Nderry said he is filled with joy by Jammeh’s gesture, and hopes nothing would happen to end their new friendship.

“The struggle is now a car wreck, deegit! Most of them are egotistic and power-hungry maniacs trapped in hypocritical headlamps. I don’t trust them anymore. Like they say in Niamina, better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

“I never hated President Jammeh, my problem with his government is that they don’t respect the constitution and I told him this over the phone. My plan is to bring some intellectual energy in the APRC party and get better candidates to contest elections. I pray for Babili Mansa to remain president for 900 years.”

Pa Nderry added: “I want to thank Malick Mbye, Gibril Fadia and Omar Jallow (OJ) for facilitating the reconciliation.”

When contacted Malick Mbye said: “Nderry is honest man. Let’s love each other, let’s unite. I cannot say much because you know my English no very good. I live in America, but English problem.”

Pata PJ, one of the most outspoken young minds in the struggle, said his colleagues should be careful with Jammeh’s strategy and tactics.

“I was shocked by the news. I can’t believe Pa Nderry is heading to The Gambia to work for a leader that is widely known for being frighteningly unloyal. I am definitely looking forward to visiting my koto at Mile Two prison soon.”

Meanwhile Momodou Njai, a retired struggler said: “Why should I discourage Pa Nderry from working with Jammeh. We’ve lots of former government employees in the struggle and no one is complaining.”

Jammeh’s move, which is described by Amran Gaye as an artful gesture of political reconciliation, comes less than a year before Gambians head to the poll to elect a new leader.

Pa Nderry is expected to arrive at the Banjul International Airport on Sunday evening with SN Brussels, accompanying him are Abdul Savage (Mr. Bingo), Mustapha Njie, Sulayman Shygle Nyassi, Momodou Njai, Lawyer Assan Martin, Seedy Ceesay and the new ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of The Gambia to the United States of America, Sheikh Omar Faye.

One of his fans in Sweden said: “I am going to miss Mr. Mbye and his favorite Tupac song, Wonda Why They Call U Bitch. Deegit!!”


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