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Daughter of revered imam sticks with female presidential candidate
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Daughter of revered imam sticks with female presidential candidate

Who would have ever thought the daughter of late imam and revered Islamic scholar, Hatab Bojang would reject her conservative background and be the first Gambian to endorse a female presidential candidate?

Amie Bojang-Sissoho had earned the wrath of her family when she joined Dr. Isatou Touray in the campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She defied the odds and prevailed.

Now that Dr. Touray has declared her interest in the presidency, Amie decided to stick with her, risking a war with some of her family members.  She’s now actively involved in politics and ready to give President Jammeh some girly punches.

The Gunjur-born gender activist is Dr. Touray’s campaign manager. According to a source, she is her most effective surrogate.

Amie is an imam daughter. Her father, who died in 1984 while making his genuflections, was a famous Islamic scholar and imam. He studied in Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and Sudan before returning home to build madarasses in Gunjur and its surrounding villages.

Some of Hatab Bojang’s famous protégés include the president of the Supreme Islamic Council, Alh. Momodou Lamin Touray.

Unlike many other imam daughters in the first republic, Amie benefited from access to Western education and employment. She worked with the national broadcaster, GRTS for many years before resigning to join GAMCOTRAP.

According to a source, her new job as Dr Touray’s campaign manager is probably going to raise some eyebrows in her native Gunjur, where women have long been kept out of politics.

But Amie has a reputation as a fearless critic of traditional beliefs and taboos. Since joining GAMCOTRAP, she has contributed significantly in eradicating female genital mutilation in many conservative Gambian societies.

She is now about to step into her biggest challenge: convincing Gambians to vote for the country’s first female presidential candidate. 


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