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Death of Chaat in Libya reignites debate on ‘back way’
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Death of Chaat in Libya reignites debate on ‘back way’

Sira Mundow, fondly known as Chaat, died while trying to reach Italian shores.

Her unexpected death has sent shockwaves across the country and reignited debate over the controversial ‘back way’ to Europe.

Chaat is among dozens of young Gambians who recently died on the ‘back way’. She was allegedly beaten to death by unknown Libyan assailants.

She is a famous girl in Serre Kunda. According to a source, Chaat left her family home shortly after turning 18 to live on her own. She’s known to love partying but very hard working.

Former club DJ, Jatou led tributes, writing on Facebook: “My heart is too heavy. I can’t control my tears. Ku lal Jatou Mbowe lal nga chaat, ku jow jatou chat merr... buga ma beh mummy rek nga ma oyeh! Su Yallah orteh ben jaam munut si dara! How I wish I could have one last hug, one last laugh and a chance to say goodbye!”

Her death sparked reactions from Gambians both at home and abroad as debate rages over ‘back way’.

Many appealed to the government to help stop the menace that is taking the lives of young Gambians every day. 

‘Back way’ stands for a dangerous irregular illegal migration to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.  


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