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Ebrima Jawo is New Gambia’s biggest political prostitute
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Ebrima Jawo is New Gambia’s biggest political prostitute

Disqualified Banjul mayoral candidate and retired comedian,  Ebrima Jawo has caused many Gambians to unarguably accept and believe that he is the biggest political prostitute in the New Gambia.

Jawo recently ditched his party, the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) to join independent candidate, Lizzie Eunson’s campaign.

He wrote on Facebook: “With Lizzie Eunson all the way. We want someone with the management experience and proven work records to lead Banjul. We want a city with skilled workforce, economically vibrant and a city that represents what a capital is meant to be.”

Former newspaper editor, Nanama Keita, who is known for not mincing his words, and he certainly didn't in a Facebook post on Jawo’s political prostitution.

“Following your unfortunate disqualification, you willingly opted to act as a campaign manager for your successor, because after all, it was never about your personal interest, but your firm beliefs in the party’s ideals and its genuine plans for the capital city.

“Then as the campaign for the city’s mayoral seat intensifies, you jumped from nowhere to endorse an independent candidate who’s running for the same seat as your party’s candidate.

“If Lizzie, or whatever her name is, appears to have the right plans for Banjul, it’s Ebrima Jawo’s duty as a member of GDC and the manager of its candidate to help draft even a better plan, but not jumping ship without even a notice.

“You can call it whatever you want, his shady move, but to me, that’s pure political prostitution. And GDC should feel used by a turncoat who only wanted to use the party as a means of occupying the capital city’s top job.”

Belgium-based political commentator, Bulli Sowe also weighed in labelling the retired comedian as a ‘disgrace’ and said he is not honest.

“This shows how dishonest and opportunist some of our folks can be. I urged all GDC militants and sympathisers to disassociate themselves from Jawo.”


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