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Fatou Camara slams Mama Linquere as ‘insecure”
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Fatou Camara slams Mama Linquere as ‘insecure”

They were best friends and famous online for fighting each other's battles. But today, Fatou Camara and Mama Linquere Sarr are sworn enemies and wouldn’t let the other one live peacefully in her diva kingdom.

The latest of the string of tiffs comes after Fatou got rumours that her former BFF was accusing her of conniving with one of her critics online to remove some skeletons in her closet.

The former GRTS presenter, during her last week Wednesday episode of the Today Show on Fatu Radio, described Mama Linquere as an insecure and bitter woman. According to her, she wreaks havoc wherever she is.

"Touch Sweden, touch Fatou Radio,” she said of her. "I have a clean record and I can stand on top of Arch 22 and lift my hand up with pride."

The duo started Fatu Radio together, but later fell out over reasons that both of them are yet to disclose to their followers. Mama moved on to start working with another diasporan online radio, Gainako.

The Sweden-based drianke, who once worked as a video vixen for Mass Lowe, is yet to respond to Fatou's rampage.


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