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Former West Coast DJ says Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana is a tribalist
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Former West Coast DJ says Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana is a tribalist

Former West Coast Radio DJ, William has described Ba Kawsu Fofana as a tribalist, whose views “does nothing but spread hate and threatens minority ethnic groups in The Gambia.”

DJ William, a Christian now based in the USA, revealed he has attended several gatherings where the controversial imam was invited as guest speaker.

“I attended mainly out of curiosity- gatherings such as Laylat al-Qadr and witnessed and heard many khutbas of Ba Kawsu, many of which are tribalistic and seditious.”

However, the former DJ retracted a comment he made a few weeks ago on What’s On-Gambia’s Facebook page labelling Imam Ba Kawsu as an Islamic extremist.

“That was a wrong choice of word and out of respect for BaKawsu and his followers; I regret ever using that term. Also, despite my view of him, I kudos his courage to speak up and speak out when the environment was very precarious for anyone to do so. I own him that respect.

“I’m not a Muslim. I am a Christian. I sink and swim with my faith. To bring the best or the worse out of me depends on how much regards you give to my faith. However, I come to see the beauty of Islam through the eyes and hearts of Gambians. I believe Gambians symbolise the best of Islam. Their level of tolerance to other's beliefs is incomparable.”

When asked if the imam should play a role in the New Gambia, DJ William responded: “To some extent, he can. He is bold and speaks his mind freely.  He digs deep into his heart and is not shy from saying things he holds truth. I admire that about him. I think the new administration needs a voice like that; someone that will not be their Jaliba.”

However, the former DJ added that he shouldn’t be given any key position to man because of his intolerance towards Christians and minority ethnic groups.

“He is a threat to the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. Denying that fact is baseless because the evidence are on tapes.”

William appealed to the Sancha Sulay Jobe based imam to recognise and embrace the peace The Gambia enjoys. 


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