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Gambia faces marijuana shortage
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Gambia faces marijuana shortage

Four weeks after the Senegalese army launched its military operation against the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC) in Casamance, the conflict has caused a marijuana shortage in The Gambia.

Casamance has some of the biggest marijuana farms in the sub-region. But according to media reports, the farms close to the Gambian border were dismantled by Senegalese soldiers.

"The Gambia is running low on marijuana," said a source.

Worsening the problem is the presence of military checkpoints along the border, making it difficult for Gambian marijuana peddlers to sneak into southern Senegal undetected.

The recent Senegalese military operation against the MFDC started on March 13. In a statement, they disclosed their main objective is to dismantle all rebel bases in Southern Senegal.

"This operation also aims to stop all armed bandits from participating in criminal activities in the region. The army remains determined to preserve the integrity of the national territory at all cost."

Thousands have died in Casamance since the MFDC began its fight for independence in 1982.

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